The Boot, The Alternative

I had a case of the blahs yesterday.  Perhaps, it’s because it was literally 30 degrees two nights ago in Dallas. I actually wore pajama pants AND socks at work. WHOA!  To me, this is true fall, lows of 30s and highs in the low 50s. That qualifies wearing boots. As much as I love this time of year, I am just not in the cold mood yet.  Anyways, we haven’t really had a chance to chat much this week or in a few weeks. I’ve been really busy at work and when I’m not at work, I’ve just hanging, working out and enjoying life. It’s such a nice feeling.

I needed to do my follow up to my Half Marathon post. Thanks so much to comments from people! Ironically, I heard a lot more from people via other sources Facebook, Twitter, text messages than comments. Still, I appreciate your kind words. I’ve honestly been pondering the idea of “debuting” my blog on Facebook with that exact post. Isn’t that the big question in all of life’s moments: “When Are You going to Put it on Facebook?” I swear, it’s like that one social media vehicle controls our whole lives. Who I am to complain? It’s part of the reason why I even have a job. Still, if I see one more image of someone’s uterus (i.e. sonograms), I may vomit. Do women not realize they are basically showing us their insides. I’m a female, and I can tell you i will NOT be posting any photos of sonogram images. Show off your belly, but please wait until the child is actually in the world before you “show” him or her to all of us. Get mad at me if you want for saying that, BUT one of my pregnant friends is the one who posed the original argument. So, how about those apples?

Stepping off my social soap box.

No one can ever take my half marathon experience from me. Nothing would also compare to the excruciating pain I felt the next day as I walked to my car. Oh, it’s just soreness from running 13.1 miles. That’s all. Eventually, the pain started to go away. But this pain in my right foot got worse. I went and got a pedicure, foot massage. Didn’t help. I soaked in everything possible. Still throbbing.  Oh Lord, what the heck did I do to my foot?

Luckily, I already had seen a sports medicine doctor in 2004 when I tore my Achilles, so I didn’t have to wait months for an appointment. Of course, it was the SAME damn foot that I had hurt before. UGH!!!!

So, I went in to see the doctor and he immediately started wiggling my foot. “Oh, I see what’s wrong,” he said while inflicting pain on my ankle, “Every muscle and/or tendon” is inflamed. What?! I’m confused. X-rays confirmed that I hadn’t broken anything. Nope, to put it frankly, my right foot just wasn’t happy. It was under A LOT of stress.

I told the doc that I had just finished running the half marathon and the horrible conditions I experienced. He said he had seen several athletes, veteran marathoners,  in his office for problems since the race. If they had issues, I was bound to have editions.


Tears started to well up in my eyes as the doctor told me I would have to wear this boot for 3 months. Why me? Of course, this question loomed in the air, “Doc, will I be able to run again?”

He basically told me that i had two options: 1) Decrease my mileage/run shorter distances or 2) Decrease myself, 30 pounds to be exact. How did I not see that coming?

I chose Option 2.

The Holidays were spent battling this boot. I couldn’t even wear a cute dress on NYE. Sequins don’t go with black velcro boots. I couldn’t exercise, but I already knew that 70% of weight loss is diet, so I immediately changed what I was eating, determined to run again in 2012.

By the time March came around, I was more than ready to return for my follow up. I progressed from the boot to a stupid brace. I had lost around 10 pounds, only 20 more to go. Luckily, I could start working out which is where you read about various challenges I was doing.

To date, I have only lost 14 pounds, which is a smidge more than half of the needed weight loss to start training again. In 2007, I lost 60ish pounds, so I know losing another 16 pounds won’t hard. It won’t be easy either, but I know what to do to accomplish this goal.

Quitting running was never going to be an option. The half marathon opened up a whole new world to me, an athletic world that I had never experienced, which was ultimately the reason why I wanted to start running. It may have ended in my wearing a boot, but honestly, I gave the inner fat girl and her lethargic ways the boot too.

Nearly a year has passed since that dreary day. I didn’t run any races this year, but I sure learned a lot about myself. You could say that I earned a life medal, one in perseverance and determination.

Deep down, I miss running. I miss my relationship with the pavement. I miss sweating for hours. So, if I want to run again, I got to lose that 16 pounds. Why stop at 16 though?

Have you ever had an athletic injury?