I’m Baaaaacccckkk…..

Anyone out there? Bueller…..Bueller?

This may be my longest hiatus ever. Pretty sure I haven’t blogged in about a year. In my last post, I talked about  some of the things that I was working on, had been up to, etc. All of which are pretty true, but that’s not the true reason why I stopped blogging.

I took a step back and assessed what I had blogged about since starting this little online journal in 2011. Let’s be (Lisa) frank shall we? This ish was depressing. I was just constantly complaining about my sad little life. Was it rough? Absolutely. But why did I feel the need to talk about it in 800+ words. #firstworldproblems

The last few months, I’ve been able to really evaluate the last six years of life. Why six years? Because that’s how long it’s been since I graduated from OU. Good Jesus. Time is flying by right? My point exactly. I needed to start living and stop dwelling in my own misery. I’m all about being transparent. Heaven knows I can’t stand it when these bloggers document their lives like they are the star of their own series on E!. That is so annoying. However, maybe I went a tad bit too extreme in the opposite direction.

I’m not going to take those posts down. No, I think it’s important that you see every side of me, peaks and valleys. But we won’t be going back to Debbie Downer Land, not even on a short road trip.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog posts all about things that make me happy. This list has changed a little bit since I first started, but hey, that was three years ago right? People can change.

With that said, Welcome back to Vicky D’s Delights where I eat, drink and live through all of life’s sweet and sour moments. Let’s hope it’s more of the former.

Ta ta for now,

Vicky D