Spring is Here!

Well Hello There!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, Employee Appreciation Day and every other holiday that has passed since my last post on New Years Day! Phew. I could say that I’ve been busy, but that’s really not the entire case. Time has just literally flown by. One day it was January, and before I knew it, spring was here. That ish cray.

The truth – I spend all day on social media platforms, blog post, etc. AND I have to monitor my work platforms in the evening that I like a break from my personal blog. Is that sad? No.¬† (Although i’m wondering if I just shot myself in the professional foot.)¬† Does it mean I don’t love what I do? Absolutely not. I enjoy it every day. But I don’t want to burn out; I want to enjoy life, so I’m trying to set up boundaries. Surely, someone understand where I’m coming from….anyone?

Annnnddd….if you didn’t notice from my despondent posts the latter months of 2012, I was in sort of low moment. I thought it would be best for me to figure things out and take a break from broadcasting my life, so that everyone wouldn’t run away screaming. I’m sure you’ve missed me a little since I’ve been gone.

I do have lots of post to share with you all. I’ve been eating clean and trying to save money lately, which results in lots of cooking and lots of tasting. Yum, yum, yum!

I’m currently working on a few “projects,” and I look forward to sharing those with you too!

In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend! If you’re in to celebrating St. Patty’s Day, enjoy your Saturday full of green debauchery. Dallas has a HUGE party. I participated one time. It was fun and then miserable. Apparently, I ain’t about that life. Ha! Happy Friday!

Ta ta for now!

Vicky D

P.S. Special prize for the person who can name the rap songs I used lyrics from above. haha!