Meso Maya & Mentors

Good Morning!

Happy Friday Everyone! This week has absolutely flown by! Guess the world isn’t coming to an end after all. I never believed that Oscar Mayer bologna anyways. But I do like the idea of people “getting their lives” together to prepare for that. Whatever. Either way, it didn’t happen. If you ask me, I stick to my original hypothesis, the Mayans simply ran out of stone/paper. lol


Can I just say that I am feeling better already after the last few posts. I know it got a little bit somber for a while now, but I am on the path to a new me. I’m excited about this progression too.

Yesterday, I went to lunch with one of my PR mentors to Meso Maya. Now, you know me, there’s a story to everything I do.

A few weeks ago, a NEW Meso Maya opened in the Downtown Dallas/Uptown area. It’s located right next to El Fenix, a HUGE Dallas Tex-Mex staple, which is kind of weird because I don’t think it’s that tasty. Yep, I said it.

Anywho, I read several blog posts about it. These foodies were raving about the new spot closer to Downtown saying it was a little bit better than the original one. Wait, where is the original one, I thought to myself? Well I’ll be, it’s located like 10 minutes from my home/job! I’m all about trying new spots, but I did want to be able to compare the two.

So, when my mentor asked me where I wanted to eat for lunch, I remembered these articles and suggested it. She was all for it!

My mentor and I get together probably every couple of months for lunch and chit chat! She is an absolutely fabulous PR professional with like 20+ years of experience. She always gives me great advice for my career and personal life. We’ve become good friends and colleagues over the past 5 years.

The “old” Meso Maya is located at Preston and Forest in what some may call North Dallas. Dramatic Dallas people. It’s in one of those strips of boutiques, random places and of course Starbucks. Their food is bold, fresh and earthy flavors of authentic interior Mexican cuisine. Yep, stole that right from the menu.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was very pleasant. It was quiet enough so that Tanya and I didn’t have to yell at each other, which apparently is a lot different than the new Uptown Meso Maya.

Since, I’m trying to watch what I eat and I just devoured a whole bunch of chips at Pepe’s & Mitos, I didn’t want to divulge too much in the complimentary appetizer. I wasn’t a fan of the salsa though. It was a little warm (temperature). Hot salsa kind of disgusts me.

Usually, I order a salad at lunch, but I’m not going to lie, lettuce gets old. So, I perused the menu for a somewhat healthier option and came across the Polle con Mole or Chicken with Mole sauce. Yum! I love Mole sauce. The dish was an adobo chicken breast with Oaxcan mole rojo, sweet plantains, same seeds and white rice. i substituted the white rice for sauteed veggies. Is this there anything better than sweet plantain?! YUM, YUM, YUM!

You guys already know that I LOVE food from the Latin countries. My mouth was watering when I ordered and I couldn’t wait to get my food.

I was excited. The food arrived. It was pretty on the plate. I was still excited. I took a bite and the enthusiasm left. Bummer! It was kind of good, but very underseasoned. To make it worse, there was no salt on our table. Weird. I still ate every bite hoping it would get better, and it kind of did, but it still wasn’t amazing. Such a bummer.

meso maya

Now, I have never complained about food before, but I also don’t like lying to people. So, when server asked me how my food was, I told him the truth. He was very apologetic and hoped I would return to have a better experience. I told him I would, and that’s the truth.

I’m not the kind of foodie that dismisses a restaurant after one bad experience. I understand that chef and prep cooks may have a bad moment. I also know that adding salt to food is often times considered an insult to some chefs/cooks. I also get that too much salt is bad for us and some people have health conditions so restaurants are trying to cut back. All of that considered, I will definitely revisit this Meso Maya again and give it another shot.

Life Lesson #1–Sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we want them to. Our enthusiasm is quickly deflated when the outcome is less than desired. It’s important to have individuals like mentors or close friends who may be a little older who can speak wisdom into our lives. The job we think is going to be the “dream job” could be just that, but may be accompanied by a challenging supervisor making each day difficult. Or the person we are dating could be wonderful, but it may just not work out for whatever reason. We can’t stop working, dating or living when these things occur. I’m so thankful for Tanya who has always encouraged me to keep going when I didn’t want to, reminded me of who I was when I forgot and of course showed me that in the end, I have to trust the Lord.
Life Lesson #2-Don’t be afraid to ask for anything or speak up. I’m sure my meal would have been really delicious had I just asked for salt.

Hate to run, but lots of work to do. I’m super excited about my lunch plans for today though! I’ll give you a hint: It involves a holiday buffet (oh boy) at a very famous Downtown Dallas-based luxury retailer. 🙂

Vicky D

Questions: Do you have mentors? Do you mind asking for salt at restaurants?


One thought on “Meso Maya & Mentors

  1. I’m glad you’re in a better state of mind lately. YAY! I woke up at 4 a.m. and in a weird state actually starting worrying that the world was really about to end. I have issues, lol. It was just so windy and I was kinda hung over, so… I guess maybe that had something to do with it 🙂

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