Christmas Music FaLaLa Faves

Since the day after Thanksgiving, my Pandora has been stuck on Christmas stations. Yep, you read that right. There is more than one station. This photo doesn’t even include all of them. LOL

pandora christmas

I am obsessed with Christmas music. It’s not even abnormal to hear me humming/singing a Christmas carol any time of the year. I’m sure that annoys people around me, especially those Scrooges/Grinches of the world, but I frankly don’t care. These songs make my heart happy. They bring sweetness to my spirit.

So, here are a few of my favorite songs, albums and just overall holiday delights:

Favorite Holiday Commercials:

Ok, so I’m not going to lie. I have several faves in this category, which is fine because it’s my list.  hehe!

  1. Walmart Carol of the Bells-Not even lying to you when I say that when i first saw this, I shed a tear. Why? Because I feel like it actually humanized a big-box brand. The commercial concluded with saying that there were going to be more registers open during the holiday season to accommodate a projected increase in traffic, but made you feel not only you mattered to Wal-Mart. When does that ever happen? Advertising at its finest.
  2. Hershey’s Kisses-each year I sear this commecial, I know the holidays have arrived! As a former musician, I can appreciate the effort it takes these little Hershey’s kisses to achieve this song. The best part is the little kiss at the end with the big solo!
  3. Target India Arie w/Stevie Wonder-Again, this is just a beautiful commercial. Steve Wonder and India are such talented individuals. There are actually from the 2002 Holiday campaign. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ones Target has done.

Favorite Holiday Songs:

  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by ‘NSYNC-Isn’t this everyone’s fave song? I still believe that i’m going to marry Justin Timberlake. Jessica Biel better watch out. hehe!
  2. Simply having a wonderful Christmas Time by The Beatles–this song is kind of cheeky and cute, but always make me happy! I worked at Old Navy when I was like 16-18 years old, and it came on like every 10 minutes. Still love it though.
  3. Oh holy night–love this song, but Kelly Clarkson and Christina Aguilera sing two of the best renditions!

Favorite Holiday Albums:

All of these albums I originally heard on Pandora, but after hearing nearly every track, I decided to contribute to these artists’ income and buy the album. No illegal downloads for me. hehe! These albums can be purchased on iTunes or Amazon as well!

  1. My Kind of Christmas by Christina Aguilera christina aguilera
  2. Merry Christmas by Mariah Careymariah carey
  3. Glee Cast Holiday glee cast
  4. 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny’s Childdestiny's child

My absolute favorite this holiday season is…Straight No Chaser.

straight no chaser

First of all, I love the name. Second of all, they have real talent! Straight No Chaser is a professional a cappella group. The group itself was founded in 1996 in Indiana University in Bloomington. (Go Hoosiers!) Ten guys got together and decided to bust a tune. Of course, like most artists these days, they were found on YouTube….

12 Days of Christmas-Performed in 1998

Fifteen million views later, they have a record deal with Atlantic Records and the rest is music history.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t a cappella the big deal these days. True, but I personally never watched one episode of Glee. I did however see Pitch Perfect, which was hilariously wonderful. I intend on purchasing the DVD.

Every time one of SNC songs comes on, it just makes my day. Their harmonies are just that, harmonious. I think Pandora has played nearly all of the tracks from their holiday album. I love every song.

Don’t take my word for it though, go to iTunes yourself and check out the little samples.

All of these songs and holiday items really do make the season bright.

Happy Singing!

Did I miss any good ones? What are your favorite Christmas tunes? Do you annoy people with Christmas Pandora?


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