Bikram Yoga Dallas Review

Hey There Folks,

Happy Friday to You! How was your week been? I’ve kind of had a case of the blahs (yet again) this week. I don’t know if it’s because of the cold (always with the weather) or if I just couldn’t come back from Thanksgiving the way i wanted to. If that made any sense.

I haven’t blogged in a while, primarily because I needed to spend some time thinking and reflecting. About what you ask? Oh, just life in general. I have a lot going on right now in my life right now. My mind is frankly overwhelmed with thoughts. I didn’t realize this fact until I started writing this post.

Nonetheless, I had been meaning to write a review about my first experience doing Bikram Yoga. Several months ago, Bikram Yoga Dallas had a GroupOn- $24 for one month unlimited of unlimited classes.

bikram yoga groupon

One of my good friends had been doing Bikram for a while now, nearly a year, and had seen great results both physically and emotionally. So, I’ll give it a whirl.

Procrastination has always been a weakness-I admit it-but it’s usually because I’m afraid of something. Weird to admit that too. In this case, I was honestly afraid of not only passing out in the class, but I was not the least bit enthusiastic about walking out of a room drenching wet from head to toe. Need I remind you that I am African American. Our hair is a commitment. That’s all I will say. So, I put it off, got sick, put it off, got sick again. Finally, when I figured out that if I didn’t use it, I was going to lose it, I scheduled an appointment.

My first class was a Friday night, because I am apparently a loser with no plans. I drank a ton of water that day, because that’s what my friend told me to do, and I got to the studio literally 30 minutes early, because that’s what Dallas rush hour traffic forces you to do.

The teacher quickly learned that it was my first time when I checked in and said I had a GroupOn. Now, I have to admit (yet again), that while I’m a nice person, sometimes I can come off very rude and mean, especially when I feel inferior to people. This was one of those times.

“Please, oh please, don’t say anything that will make me act my color or forget I have an MBA,” I said to my apparently ignorant myself.

She was so sweet, encouraging and honestly eased my nerves a little bit.

My friend and I got set up in the room. The heat was already starting to affect me. Why on Earth would anyone want to just sit in these conditions, much less do exercise in them?

The class hadn’t even started yet. I was already complaining.

I laid down rented mat, towel brought from home and face towel on the ground behind my friend. Let me encourage all first-time Bikram Yogis, as they call them, to arrive a little bit early for your first class so that you can get acclimated to the condition of the room.

And then it began. The lights came on. The teacher politely “called me out” as being a first timer, and the 90 minutes commenced.

Now, the goal of the first class is simply to get through the entire session WITHOUT leaving the room. I could stop, sit down, lay down, whatever, as many times as I wanted, but leaving the room was always discouraged. Of course the body wasn’t going to like 105 degree/50% humidity environments. Who would?

The second goal is to honestly breathe, so that you won’t pass out or leave the room. I always knew breathing was critical to the body, but MAN, there is a science to just inhaling and exhaling.

I felt a little silly doing some of the poses. I couldn’t do some of the AT ALL, but I am happy to report that I didn’t leave the room nor did I pass out. Good job, Vicky D.

As expected my hair was dripping wet when I left the class, but I was very proud of myself for simply completing it. The next day, I went to the 10 a.m. class. (So long pretty hair.) They encouraged newcomers to do their 2nd class 24 hours after the first one. Something about it helping with the recovery process. It’s true. Sweat was dripping from every part of my body, but it actually felt good.

So much better in fact that i went the following Tuesday too. I am a glutton for sweaty punishment. The Tuesday class was really hard. I struggled more than I had in any of the rest f them. No idea why. I pushed through though and didn’t leave the room.

Several thoughts entered my mind after I left the studio that evening. I was feeling a little defeated after my class; the over achiever in me kicked in and wanted to go even more so that I could get better. I was really determined, inspired, motivated, all that jazz to become a “yogi” and really practice yoga more. Then, I remembered that my GroupOn only lasted 3.5 more weeks, December 2nd to be exact. After that, I would have to pay 100 bucks PER MONTH for unlimited session or $20/class. EEEK!

Instead of spending another 3 weeks in the classes trying to get better, just to leave, I decided to just stop going and forego my investment. The GroupOn was only $25, I had already went three times which is like $60, so I pretty much got a great deal. I was really bummed about it, but I have financial goals to reach and that $100/month could definitely be used other places.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to some sort of “hot” yoga in 2013 once things are better financially. As big of a pill as that is to swallow, and slightly embarrassing,  I know it’s the best choice for ME. My body is my temple, but there are lots of ways to keep this temple healthy and in shape without breaking the bank.

Now, if YOU have the money, I would strongly encourage anyone and everyone to try Bikram Yoga. It really is a spiritual experience that will not only transform your body externally, but internally as well.

I hope you have a great Friday! Busy weekend of birthdays ahead. December is a BIG birthday month in my family. Have a great day!

Vicky D

P.S. Sorry for the picture-less post. I took pictures of all of this, but one day, I stupidly erased them from my phone. I have no idea why. I told you…lots of my mind right now.


The Boot, The Alternative

I had a case of the blahs yesterday.  Perhaps, it’s because it was literally 30 degrees two nights ago in Dallas. I actually wore pajama pants AND socks at work. WHOA!  To me, this is true fall, lows of 30s and highs in the low 50s. That qualifies wearing boots. As much as I love this time of year, I am just not in the cold mood yet.  Anyways, we haven’t really had a chance to chat much this week or in a few weeks. I’ve been really busy at work and when I’m not at work, I’ve just hanging, working out and enjoying life. It’s such a nice feeling.

I needed to do my follow up to my Half Marathon post. Thanks so much to comments from people! Ironically, I heard a lot more from people via other sources Facebook, Twitter, text messages than comments. Still, I appreciate your kind words. I’ve honestly been pondering the idea of “debuting” my blog on Facebook with that exact post. Isn’t that the big question in all of life’s moments: “When Are You going to Put it on Facebook?” I swear, it’s like that one social media vehicle controls our whole lives. Who I am to complain? It’s part of the reason why I even have a job. Still, if I see one more image of someone’s uterus (i.e. sonograms), I may vomit. Do women not realize they are basically showing us their insides. I’m a female, and I can tell you i will NOT be posting any photos of sonogram images. Show off your belly, but please wait until the child is actually in the world before you “show” him or her to all of us. Get mad at me if you want for saying that, BUT one of my pregnant friends is the one who posed the original argument. So, how about those apples?

Stepping off my social soap box.

No one can ever take my half marathon experience from me. Nothing would also compare to the excruciating pain I felt the next day as I walked to my car. Oh, it’s just soreness from running 13.1 miles. That’s all. Eventually, the pain started to go away. But this pain in my right foot got worse. I went and got a pedicure, foot massage. Didn’t help. I soaked in everything possible. Still throbbing.  Oh Lord, what the heck did I do to my foot?

Luckily, I already had seen a sports medicine doctor in 2004 when I tore my Achilles, so I didn’t have to wait months for an appointment. Of course, it was the SAME damn foot that I had hurt before. UGH!!!!

So, I went in to see the doctor and he immediately started wiggling my foot. “Oh, I see what’s wrong,” he said while inflicting pain on my ankle, “Every muscle and/or tendon” is inflamed. What?! I’m confused. X-rays confirmed that I hadn’t broken anything. Nope, to put it frankly, my right foot just wasn’t happy. It was under A LOT of stress.

I told the doc that I had just finished running the half marathon and the horrible conditions I experienced. He said he had seen several athletes, veteran marathoners,  in his office for problems since the race. If they had issues, I was bound to have editions.


Tears started to well up in my eyes as the doctor told me I would have to wear this boot for 3 months. Why me? Of course, this question loomed in the air, “Doc, will I be able to run again?”

He basically told me that i had two options: 1) Decrease my mileage/run shorter distances or 2) Decrease myself, 30 pounds to be exact. How did I not see that coming?

I chose Option 2.

The Holidays were spent battling this boot. I couldn’t even wear a cute dress on NYE. Sequins don’t go with black velcro boots. I couldn’t exercise, but I already knew that 70% of weight loss is diet, so I immediately changed what I was eating, determined to run again in 2012.

By the time March came around, I was more than ready to return for my follow up. I progressed from the boot to a stupid brace. I had lost around 10 pounds, only 20 more to go. Luckily, I could start working out which is where you read about various challenges I was doing.

To date, I have only lost 14 pounds, which is a smidge more than half of the needed weight loss to start training again. In 2007, I lost 60ish pounds, so I know losing another 16 pounds won’t hard. It won’t be easy either, but I know what to do to accomplish this goal.

Quitting running was never going to be an option. The half marathon opened up a whole new world to me, an athletic world that I had never experienced, which was ultimately the reason why I wanted to start running. It may have ended in my wearing a boot, but honestly, I gave the inner fat girl and her lethargic ways the boot too.

Nearly a year has passed since that dreary day. I didn’t run any races this year, but I sure learned a lot about myself. You could say that I earned a life medal, one in perseverance and determination.

Deep down, I miss running. I miss my relationship with the pavement. I miss sweating for hours. So, if I want to run again, I got to lose that 16 pounds. Why stop at 16 though?

Have you ever had an athletic injury?

When in Rome, Dress Up for Halloween

Happy First Day of November! Good googaly moogaly, hard to believe it’s already November. Where has the year gone? I feel like it was just September yesterday. This is just intense. The year is going by WAY too fast.

So, how was your Halloween? It’s weird for me to even type that sentence because I don’t even celebrate Halloween. My family and I were and still are very religious. Growing up Halloween was viewed as an evil holiday. True story. However, to be fun for the kids, my church always had a Harvest Festival where the kids could dress up, collect candy, have fun with their friends in a wholesome, safe environment. I never knew anything beyond that for a long time. I believed Halloween was just that, some sort of Satanic holiday where scary people would come out their shell and cast spells. Oh, how sheltered I was.

In high school, this time of year was always super busy because it was marching band season, and we were preparing for a BIG contest, whether it was the State Championship or another competition. Dressing up was the last thing on my mind.

Moving on to college, I carried my elementary attitude with me, and never, not once dressed up as anything for several reasons: 1) I didn’t want to be any sexy, slutty, etc. 2) Couldn’t think of anything clever to wear or 3) The usual excuse-i have to work. It just wasn’t a big deal to me. I honestly could do without the entire day myself. What a scrooge!

Sure did take this from Low and Behold…so freaking hilarious!

As an adult, I only dressed up once as an ice cream cone and that was two years ago. Having heard this entire story, you can only imagine how ecstatic I was to hear that my new company, specifically our CEO, is a HUGE fan of Halloween.

They go all out for the holiday! Shortly after my arrival, the lobby, conference room, kitchen, everywhere I went had been transformed into a mini-haunted house.

Can’t even make this up.

Then came the day when I was asked what I was going to be.  Oh boy. Now, I had a choice, I could continue to be a Halloween Scrooge or give a whirl. After all, when in Rome…

Since HR, IT and Marketing all work with all the divisions, we dressed up as a group. I spent the Hallows Eve (Oct. 30th) working on my costume. If I was going to wear something, best believe it was going to be amazing.

Our result–The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

I decided to be winter because honestly, it’s my favorite time of year.


The day was really a lot of fun walking around the office observing all the creative costumes from the groovy 70s, rockin 80s to a more topical costume, Burned Big Tex (may he RIP.)

And you wouldn’t even believe it what happened next, we won BEST GROUP COSTUME! Shut the front door! You heard right. We actually were rewarded for our creative genius, $25 to be exact. Not too shabby, not too shabby at all.

To think, had I chosen to maintain my Scroogy ways, I would have missed out on a fun bonding activities with my new co-workers and a little dough to put in my pocket. All in all, it was a fun time, but boy am I happy to see November and…THE HOLIDAYS!!!! 🙂