Fashionably Fierce, Consciously Conceited

There is no such thing as a “season” in Dallas. Sure, fall officially started a couple of weeks ago, but it was sort of warm for a while there. Sandals were placed in the back of the closets we all anxiously await the first chilly day when we can break out our boots. We’ve had very cozy weather, requiring longer sleeved shirts and maybe a light scarf, but not much besides that.

Until this past weekend…

Meteoreologists predicted a high of 53 degrees this past Saturday and a low of 47.That’s what I call fall weather.

It was kind of cold this weekend though. Not gonna lie.

Of course Dallasites are overacting to this “cold front.” Dozens of women, including me,  were in DSW on Thursday night trying on pair after pair of riding boots. I don’t blame them. By the time, we actually need the heavier footwear, sandals and peep toe shoes would have returned to shelves.

Anywho, with all this change in weather, I thought this would the perfect time to talk about my new take on fashion and appearance! The cooler months are my favorite time of the year because there are really so many options with accessories, layering pieces and of course BOOTS!!!! Is there anything better than boots?? I don’t think so either.

I like the fact that with a few staple items -blazers, cardigans, boots, scarves, etc.-one can have a plethora of outfits for the brisk season. That previous sentence makes me sound like a fashionista. How funny.  To be completely honest (which is a phase I use often here), I never really even cared about my outer appearance to this extent until maybe a couple of years ago. I have NEVER wanted to be viewed as high maintenance, conceited, vain, all of those words that basically mean obsessed with the way I looked. I appreciated the fact that I had more to offer the wold than just a cute face.

Pretty cute face though, if I do say so myself. 🙂

How shallow of me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking the time every morning to get dressed and look maybe even more than just “presentable.” Clothes are supposed to be an outer expression of our personalities. I think that’s a good thing because my personality is pretty amazing. lol So instead of just throwing some clothes on to run errands, I put thought and consideration into everything I have on before I leave the house. I call it consciously conceited. My style is definitely colorful, fun and fierce. I like to dress like I am in charge, confident, but completely approachable. Is that a contradiction?! I like to incorporate trendy items into my wardrobe, because it gets me out of my comfort zone, and I also like to wear items that accentuate my curves. I got it. I flaunt it. It’s the Kim K./Beyonce in me coming out. I try to subdue her as much as possible.

Back to fall fashion…like I said…I like fashion, but I don’t consider myself an expert on the topic, at all. That’s why I am so happy to see these adorable female bloggers offering ways to look fierce every day. Here are a few of my favorite style resources:

  • J’s Every Day Fashion–I think I discovered her blog through Pinterest, like everything else in the world lately. J does an excellent job of taking inspiration from photos, celebrities, magazine, etc. and translating them into affordable outfits that the every day woman would be able to wear. Plus, she tells you WHERE you can buy them. I am really amazed by how easily she combines colors and textures into cohesive outfits. I visit her blog daily and pin the comparison photos probably weekly. AND…I usually am able to replicate most of them in sort of way. It’s really neat.
  • Marion Berry Style–Ironically, I found Marion on J’s blog! HA! Marion is just adorable. She’s currently with child, a boy to be exact, but is still just the cutest thing ever in her dresses and blazers. My fave part about her blog is her Casual Friday post where she basically gives you great ideas of what to wear on that wonderful day BESIDES a race t-shirt, jeans and those god awful yellow box sandals (apologies to fans of those shoes.) These outfits are perfect because they are usually simple pieces that she accessorizes, blazerizes and of courses complements them with heels. My kind of outfit.
  • Fitting-it-all-In–Clare is amazing! I know her in “real life.” lol her blog is very well rounded, but she is very passionate about healthy living and exercise. Still, every day, she post an outfit and it is always completely doable. It’s so funny because sometimes I own most of the items that she shows. She and I both have a love for LOFT! Many of her clothes are purchased from Forever 21, Target, J Crew, etc. Stores that many of us frequent, so that’s convenient as well.
  • Pinterest–not a blog at all, but I have found SO MANY great outfits on this lovely tool. I have several style/fashion boards No Space in My Closet But…, Fall Fashions, Comfy Chic, Summer Styles, Accessories and several others…wow, I didn’t realize I had so many. I try my best to pin all kinds of interesting items that any woman could use. Polyvore is also a helpful tool and a frequently scene source for my fashion pins.

Besides blogs, I also read lots of magazines to see what trends are happening for the current and upcoming season. How girly of me.  I am honestly so proud of myself for growing and realizing how important it is to look your best. I no longer dread the mall because I know there are outfits out there that will look great on me; I just have to work at it. I feel pretty every day. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to take an outfit and make it work for my body type. When I compose a really good fit, I will definitely show it here on the blog. If I can do it, in all my awkwardness, so can you!

Stay warm out there!

Do you like fashion/consider yourself a fashionista? How would you describe your style?


5 thoughts on “Fashionably Fierce, Consciously Conceited

  1. I hate dressing for Fall, lol. It takes so long! I’m always running behind. You look GORGEOUS in that pic girl! Your hair looks like a 20s flapper, in a really good way, haha. And the lipstick is beautiful with your skin tone. Love.

    • Hahaha! Thank you chica! A 20s flapper! That’s a new one. I am trying something new with my hair. Let’s see how it works out! You wore that lipstick one time. I LOVE it!

  2. Vicky, thank you so much for the shout-out, I love your term “consciously conceited” that is too funny! I totally see fashion as a problem to be solved in the morning. The better you solve it, the less you have to fuss with it throughout the day. 😉

    Also, I saw your post about loosing your job and just wanted to offer you some encouragement. I lost my job in fall 2010 and it was heartbreaking. I couldn’t find a job, and never did (I’m an entrepreneur now) and that turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. It was a big shove from God to get me in the right direction, and I not only have my dream job now, but am more financially blessed than I ever could be in a corporate position. So hang in there! He really does know what He is doing. Jeremiah 29:11

    • Thanks so much for commenting J! I so appreciate it! I completely agree with your thoughts about my job situation. I fully believe that the Lord knows what he’s doing. I am thankful to have a position now, but I know there is always more in store for me. I just have to be patient. thanks for being so sweet! 🙂

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