One Year of Delights-Time to Play

Leave it to me to completely forget my 1 year blogiversary! (that is such a strange word) I went back to a previous post to check out something I said and realized my very first post was September 27, 2011. GAH!!! What kind of blogger am I to forget that special day!??! To be completely truthful, I have really struggled this past year to maintain this lovely online journal. I started it because I was in a weird spot in life. I wasn’t quite sure how to find happiness because everything seemed to be in disarray.

Shortly after I committed to this journey, everything sort of shifted. To be blunt, life got better. Months would elapse between posts. I was busy. I was happy. I was struggling. I wrote a post called “I Need Me To Do Better” where I basically called myself out for being a slacker. That lasted a whole minute. Whoops. My bad.

In the last couple of months, it did get better. Ironically, life got worse. The irony.

I have spent the last year venting about various issues that I’ve had. I did hoping that someone may be able to learn from my mistakes or may find some encouragement in their own life. Initially, I said that this blog would be all of the fun things that brought me delight, primarily food. This is not a motivational blog. It’s not a fitness blog. It’s not completely a food blog, a lactose free blog or running blog. But those are a topics  I really enjoy them or they impact my life.  I have never fit into a “mold.”  The more I tried to deny myself of who I really was, the faker I got. It’s easier just to be me.

Before I even realized it was my one year blogging anniversary, I was thinking about ways to enhance the blog and life. My dear friend Abi asked me one day “when do you have time to play?” Good question. I spent way too much time working and trying to advance my career that I didn’t even take to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I have two degrees at 26. I hold a management title. I live by myself. I am proud of the woman I have become. I am ready to evolve into the woman I know I can be. BUT I am NOT going to obsess over these goals any longer. Life is too short. My grandparents are getting older. My parents are getting older. Hell, I am getting older. I need to live, not just breathe.

What a thrill and joy it has been to live in this mentality. My mind feels free. I am so excited about these changes and what they will mean for my livelihood. There is lots to look forward to on Vicky D’s Delights:

  • You will start to see even more fun recipes-lactose free and regular-on the blog! Cooking and baking is such a HUGE part of my life, and I love to share the tasty treats I make with you. The goal is to not only make recipes that I find on various sites (Pinterest, FoodGawker, Food Network, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), but also come up with some original dishes. I’m really excited about that challenge, especially since I’ll be able to EAT most of those dishes.
  • You will start to see more good exercise tips and tricks! As I approach 30 (screaming!), I have been told that my body will start to change every year, so it’s important that I take really good care of myself now, so I don’t have to suffer later.
  • You will start to see me trying to new things and hitting the streets. I am going to be traveling all around! I love traveling. I have the PTO. Time to use it.
  • Of course, you’ll hear about my random falls, because they are just hilarious. Hey, that’s just me.

I see so many people my age talking about their careers and spending every moment working. I even read somewhere that a person “can sleep when they are dead.” Been there. Done that. I am beyond ready for this change. I will be successful, but not obsessive.  You have the challenge of keeping me accountable for these declarations. You have the challenge of maybe following my lead yourself.

In the end, what really do I have to lose? Time to play! Carpe Diem, YOLO and all that other jazz…. Here’s to another fabulous year!

Vicky D



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