Let’s Not Get Cheesy-Part Tres

*This was going to be the final post in my series about my food allergy discovery, but as usual, I underestimated my writing. *

I will honestly never forget that day in November. Matter of fact, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about that experience. I always make this statement about food, but that 3-hour stint of overwhelming sickness, pain and nausea was a life-changing experience.

After the episode during Thanksgiving week, I had slight issues with my gut every now and then, but nothing like that dreadful night.

A few weeks later, at the end of January, my co-worker and I went to Chili’s to celebrate a successful work event. I ordered a quesadilla explosion salad and chips and salsa. Yes, I know that wasn’t the most healthy option, but lettuce is always a winner in my book. We said our good-byes, and I headed home.

I didn’t even drive 5 minutes before there was an explosion in my belly. It wasn’t the same pain as before in the upper part of my abdomen, but it was still horrendous.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle went my stomach. I KNEW I had to find a restroom IMMEDIATELY! Inconveniently, every rest stop, gas station or fast food location that I stopped at had something wrong with the ladies’ restroom.

C’MON PEOPLE! Hate to say it, but I seriously thought I was going to poop my pants. I felt like Charlotte in Sex & the City when she drank the water in Mexico. There was going to be a serious accident. Betsy (my 1999 Toyota Camry) would never forgive me. Finally, I found a Jack-in-Box. I barely made it. What a scary feeling?!

I was sick for the rest of the day.

These pains continued on and off for MONTHS!! Every time I would eat something, anything it seemed, I would feel so ill. In March, I got some random stomach virus for five days after eating Chipotle. I couldn’t keep anything down.  Ok, it must be the avocado, I thought to myself. I must have some kind of allergy to avocado.

A co-worker and I went to a fire fighter dinner catered by On the Border. Continuing with my self-diagnosis, I remember rejecting the urge to eat guacamole for that would make me sick. I STILL paid the price as I drove down Interstate 30. OIK!

Looking back, I was so stupid to ignore these pains. I can’t tell you how many liters of lemon-lime soda were consumed for months. I bought a yoga mat for my office so that I could de-stress and that would stop the pain. The hall bathroom in my office building became a popular destination for me after lunch.

The last straw was supposed to be a great dinner with one of my best friends at Coal Vines, a restaurant here in Dallas that specializes in pizza. Even though it was more than two years ago, I remember that meal clearly in mind. We shared this delicious fried risotto appetizer and then a delicious pizza pie topped with so many delicious items.

I ate every drop, went home that evening to prepare for the weekend of work ahead…a disgusting and painful 15 hours.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Not Get Cheesy-Part Tres

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