Slapped in the Face

Oh life, it never seems to amaze me. Ironically, I started writing a post last week right after I suffered through Labor Day weekend with a disgusting and random stomach bug. So annoying. It was supposed to be the weekend of happiness- the FIRST time I would actually enjoy the holiday since graduating from OU in 2008. My previous employer had a HUGE event that required my working Friday (usually late), Sunday and sometimes Monday.

Instead of going out with friends, I sat at home, or rather laid on the couch, nursing myself back to health and trying to keep food down. So annoying. I saw friends check-in on Facebook at various fun places in the city, photos on Instagram, etc. of them enjoying those last few days of summer. I was dwelling in some serious self pity, and then I realized, maybe this was a good thing. Perhaps, this was an opportunity for me to rest and enjoy life. Sure, I wanted to celebrate the peace and joy I had for life, but instead I was forced to stay at home.

Isn’t that how life always works? In an instant, things change. There’s nothing we can do about it. No matter how hard we prepare, some moments slap us in the face and often times knock us down to some really low moments.

The same weekend, I was sitting at home, my best friends from OU were experiencing some HUGE life-changing moments. One of them lost her father. The other got engaged. All three of us are very close. Our heart went out to our friend who lost her. Then, we rejoiced when the other was proposed to by a really nice guy. Talk about emotional extremities. I was inspired to see my friend who was mourning her father’s sudden death so excited about our other friend’s future nuptials.

I quickly realized that it would be childish to throw temper tantrums every time something does not go our way. That reminds me of scene from Julie & Julie, which I watched three times that sickly weekend, when Julie has not one, but TWO melt downs on her kitchen floor because the task of completing her cooking challenge became overwhelming.

There was nothing I could do about getting sick. Was it a HUGE bummer? Absolutely. But I’m sure my dear friend didn’t plan on losing her father either. I know she planned on grilling out in her backyard and watching the game on TV with her family as she always does. I know (because I saw it on Facebook) that she expected her dad to call her and yell “BOOMER” on the phone before the game began. He wasn’t there. Life had to continue despite his passing. As much as it hurt her, she gathered the strength to still keep living. I don’t know how she did it. I would have been a mess.

Did I wish I could be bar-hopping with my friend all day that Saturday? You betcha, but I couldn’t. I had to move on and honestly, get over that nasty bug for work that week.

How grateful I am that I learned that HUGE life lesson when I did, for the upcoming week would be the most difficult one in my entire life. I wish I could talk more about it, but I am still trying to process everything that occurred the last couple of days.

In the meantime, please keep me and my friend in your prayers!




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