Let’s Not Get Cheesy-Part Tres

*This was going to be the final post in my series about my food allergy discovery, but as usual, I underestimated my writing. *

I will honestly never forget that day in November. Matter of fact, I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about that experience. I always make this statement about food, but that 3-hour stint of overwhelming sickness, pain and nausea was a life-changing experience.

After the episode during Thanksgiving week, I had slight issues with my gut every now and then, but nothing like that dreadful night.

A few weeks later, at the end of January, my co-worker and I went to Chili’s to celebrate a successful work event. I ordered a quesadilla explosion salad and chips and salsa. Yes, I know that wasn’t the most healthy option, but lettuce is always a winner in my book. We said our good-byes, and I headed home.

I didn’t even drive 5 minutes before there was an explosion in my belly. It wasn’t the same pain as before in the upper part of my abdomen, but it was still horrendous.

Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle went my stomach. I KNEW I had to find a restroom IMMEDIATELY! Inconveniently, every rest stop, gas station or fast food location that I stopped at had something wrong with the ladies’ restroom.

C’MON PEOPLE! Hate to say it, but I seriously thought I was going to poop my pants. I felt like Charlotte in Sex & the City when she drank the water in Mexico. There was going to be a serious accident. Betsy (my 1999 Toyota Camry) would never forgive me. Finally, I found a Jack-in-Box. I barely made it. What a scary feeling?!

I was sick for the rest of the day.

These pains continued on and off for MONTHS!! Every time I would eat something, anything it seemed, I would feel so ill. In March, I got some random stomach virus for five days after eating Chipotle. I couldn’t keep anything down.  Ok, it must be the avocado, I thought to myself. I must have some kind of allergy to avocado.

A co-worker and I went to a fire fighter dinner catered by On the Border. Continuing with my self-diagnosis, I remember rejecting the urge to eat guacamole for that would make me sick. I STILL paid the price as I drove down Interstate 30. OIK!

Looking back, I was so stupid to ignore these pains. I can’t tell you how many liters of lemon-lime soda were consumed for months. I bought a yoga mat for my office so that I could de-stress and that would stop the pain. The hall bathroom in my office building became a popular destination for me after lunch.

The last straw was supposed to be a great dinner with one of my best friends at Coal Vines, a restaurant here in Dallas that specializes in pizza. Even though it was more than two years ago, I remember that meal clearly in mind. We shared this delicious fried risotto appetizer and then a delicious pizza pie topped with so many delicious items.

I ate every drop, went home that evening to prepare for the weekend of work ahead…a disgusting and painful 15 hours.


Slapped in the Face

Oh life, it never seems to amaze me. Ironically, I started writing a post last week right after I suffered through Labor Day weekend with a disgusting and random stomach bug. So annoying. It was supposed to be the weekend of happiness- the FIRST time I would actually enjoy the holiday since graduating from OU in 2008. My previous employer had a HUGE event that required my working Friday (usually late), Sunday and sometimes Monday.

Instead of going out with friends, I sat at home, or rather laid on the couch, nursing myself back to health and trying to keep food down. So annoying. I saw friends check-in on Facebook at various fun places in the city, photos on Instagram, etc. of them enjoying those last few days of summer. I was dwelling in some serious self pity, and then I realized, maybe this was a good thing. Perhaps, this was an opportunity for me to rest and enjoy life. Sure, I wanted to celebrate the peace and joy I had for life, but instead I was forced to stay at home.

Isn’t that how life always works? In an instant, things change. There’s nothing we can do about it. No matter how hard we prepare, some moments slap us in the face and often times knock us down to some really low moments.

The same weekend, I was sitting at home, my best friends from OU were experiencing some HUGE life-changing moments. One of them lost her father. The other got engaged. All three of us are very close. Our heart went out to our friend who lost her. Then, we rejoiced when the other was proposed to by a really nice guy. Talk about emotional extremities. I was inspired to see my friend who was mourning her father’s sudden death so excited about our other friend’s future nuptials.

I quickly realized that it would be childish to throw temper tantrums every time something does not go our way. That reminds me of scene from Julie & Julie, which I watched three times that sickly weekend, when Julie has not one, but TWO melt downs on her kitchen floor because the task of completing her cooking challenge became overwhelming.

There was nothing I could do about getting sick. Was it a HUGE bummer? Absolutely. But I’m sure my dear friend didn’t plan on losing her father either. I know she planned on grilling out in her backyard and watching the game on TV with her family as she always does. I know (because I saw it on Facebook) that she expected her dad to call her and yell “BOOMER” on the phone before the game began. He wasn’t there. Life had to continue despite his passing. As much as it hurt her, she gathered the strength to still keep living. I don’t know how she did it. I would have been a mess.

Did I wish I could be bar-hopping with my friend all day that Saturday? You betcha, but I couldn’t. I had to move on and honestly, get over that nasty bug for work that week.

How grateful I am that I learned that HUGE life lesson when I did, for the upcoming week would be the most difficult one in my entire life. I wish I could talk more about it, but I am still trying to process everything that occurred the last couple of days.

In the meantime, please keep me and my friend in your prayers!



San Antonio Trip-Moms Birthday

Hey There!

How’s it going out there? Before I FINALLY get to my recap on my awesome trip to San Antonio for my mom’s birthday, let me ease everyone’s mind and announce that the boy’s family is safe and sound. Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac didn’t wash them out. Of course, ONE member of his family was acting out, but all in all, they are good.

Now, August is a HUGE month in my family because it’s my mom’s birthday! It’s almost as big as December which hosts three birthdays—dad, brother, grandma and of course Jesus. Hehe! My mom turned 52 this year. She is an absolutely amazing. I love her so much for her wisdom, candidness and comedic relief. Sometimes, she’s very strong strong-willed. Sometimes she’s just a kid a heart. It’s no surprise that she wanted to spend her birthday at a water park.

Growing up, we used to go to San Antonio all the time, like at least once a year for a while there. My family and I LOVE anything aquatic, so it’s the really the perfect inexpensive get-a-away from the hustle of daily life. We hadn’t been on a “family trip” since our time on the west coast back in 2007. BEST.TIME.EVER. I was really looking forward to celebrating my mom and spending some time with them.

On Thursday, August 9th, her actual birthday, my family, grandparents, aunt and uncle met at Cheddar’s for dinner. Have you ever been to Cheddar’s before? Their food is delicious and very inexpensive. We ate dinner, sang happy birthday, opened presented, devoured red velvet cake and then headed home to get rest for an exciting weekend.

Happy 52nd Birthday Mommy!

Friday morning, I woke up at 9 a.m. What a nice feeling that was!! I checked my work email, sent a few messages and then promised myself that I would disconnect from work for the rest of the weekend.

After we finished packing our clothes and toiletries, loaded the car and hit the road! I laughed to myself because “Cashin Out” by Cash Out came on the radio about 30 minutes into the trip. That song makes me happy. With that Nina!

All of this luggage for 4 people. LOL

Of course we had to stop at the Czech stop in West, Texas for some delicious pastries. Y-U-M! The fact my brother didn’t really want to stop makes him a little un-American. He quickly discovered what the big deal was.

We finally arrived in San Antonio (after passing through Austin of course VOMIT LOL), checked in the hotel and hit the streets to grab something to eat and see some sights.

The San Antonio Riverwalk is truly a must-see Texas attraction. It’s even more gorgeous in the latter parts of the year when the Walk is decorated for the Holidays.

Remember the Alamo!

Friday night, we went to dinner at Mi Tierra, which was a 24-hour restaurant and bakery all in one. I am going to do a review on it later, so stay tuned. Talk about the perfect festive environment for a birthday.

We left the restaurant and hit the club. Yes, you heard me right. I went to a nighttime social establishment with my parental units. Graham Central Station was the location my brother had located through researched. It seemed to be a good choice with 6 clubs in one. Did I see six clubs? I don’t remember. We spent all of our time in the 70s and 80s room and of course, the top 40/Hip Hop room. My dad can only take so much “urban” music, while my mom loves her rap and had in both rooms.

Shot were taken.

We never told them the actual names of the shots

I can’t even make this up.

We left the club at 1:15 a.m.! Can you believe that? My mom said she could have stayed longer. She was serious.

Saturday morning came early. We enjoyed the complimentary breakfast, put on our swimwear and headed to SEA WORLD AND AQUATICA!!!

Acres of water park=so much fun

Sea World was so much fun.

Too much fun.

Dad petting THE STINGS RAYS. Yes, sting rays!!!!!

I don’t believe in evolution or reincarnation—at all. But I do wonder sometimes if maybe in our former lives, my whole family were all fish, whales to be exact. We absolutely love water. There is such freedom in water.  There is happiness.

Even though the park was infested with bees and the Shamu show was a little lame, the eight hours we spent there were some of the happiest moments of my entire summer.



Sunday, after watching church on our Apple devices (gotta get our Jesus even though we were out of town), we skipped the complimentary breakfast and made our way to the “Best Tacos in America.” Any time I go out of town, or heck when I am in Dallas, I always try to find the best places to eat. Turns out, Taco Taco Café was visited by Guy Fieri and was voted “Best Taco in America” by several culinary magazines. As a taco connoisseur, I had to try it, and…. I’ll do a review about that later as well.

They are so confident, there is a sign. Excuse my nasty hair.

It was time to return to Dallas. Got to admit it, I was not ready to go. I missed the Boy, but I had so much fun with my mom, dad and brother. It was stree-free fun. There is an unspoken peace that I feel when I am with them. Of course they can be stressful, very stressful, as all families are, but I love them, just love them.

My family is my greatest delight. They support me 100% in everything I do. They are my foundation and my cheerleader section. I am so blessed to have them in my life. As a writer, it’s hard to even convey how much they mean to me. I am so happy that we were able to celebrate my mom’s 52nd birthday, and I can’t wait until the next family trip!

Ta-ta for now,

Vicky D