Fall, Point and Laugh

Hey There!

Before I get to my recap on my family vacation to San Antonio and a few other things I’ve been doing lately, I have a hilarious story to tell.

The other day, I bought these gorgeous Vince Camuto wedges with a platform. They are beyond beautiful and the perfect accessory to accompany with shoes, skirts, maxi dresses (maybe) and of course skinny jeans.


I wore them with this outfit. Obviously, I was really feeling myself.

Don’t you just love bathroom pics?!

I felt so pretty and summery the whole day! Anywho, when NOLA and I met for dinner for the El Fenix Wednesday special (salad for me), he gave me the side-eye and of course some unwanted commentary.

“Victoria, you know you are too clumsy for shoes that high. Why did you even buy them?” he said with a disappointing look.

Oh, how right he was! LOL

After a lovely (and healthy) dinner at El Fenix, we carried on to Paciugo in West Village. Walking through the parking, and the expected happened.


I bit it HARD on the concrete. I looked around slightly to make sure no one saw. Thank God no one did besides the Boy. I stood and immediately checked…my MK rose gold watch of course to make sure it wasn’t scratched. HA! After I stopped laughing, I picked myself up (and my pride) and stood up to a confused NOLA. He looked across the parking lot to see if I had stumbled on a speed bump. I didn’t. He looked closer for some dips or cracks in the pavement. There wasn’t.

Oh, how silly I felt. Oh, how embarrassed I was.

I laugh when I think about it. I see the little scratch on my knee, and I still laugh. Why? Because you just got to laugh at those silly moment’s in life and embrace them for what they are. I’ve had a stressful and challenging last couple of weeks at work. With one of my teammates leaving to take another position, it is only going to get busier. I needed a moment like that.  A moment to remember that I am human and flawed. A moment to just not take life so seriously.

Hmmm….more confirmation of why I started this blog—to savor the sweet and salty/clumsy moments of my life.

To ignore them would be unwise and well, just boring.

Plus, these shoes are calling my name too. They will join their friends in my closet very soon.

Is there anything better than a nude sandal?

I fully intend to share my family’s trip to San Antonio, my first visit to Title Boxing Club and a few other things this week. I spent two hours at the gym today, plus did a load of laundry. Can we say exahusted? Nitey night.


Vicky D

P.S. I did not spend $100+ on those shoes. DSW is my friend. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Fall, Point and Laugh

  1. Aww I’m sorry you fell but it is good you can laugh about it. And at least you didn’t hurt yourself! I broke my foot by falling in 6 inch stillettos..no fun. Cute shoes..they are worth the risk. 🙂

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