Fall, Point and Laugh

Hey There!

Before I get to my recap on my family vacation to San Antonio and a few other things I’ve been doing lately, I have a hilarious story to tell.

The other day, I bought these gorgeous Vince Camuto wedges with a platform. They are beyond beautiful and the perfect accessory to accompany with shoes, skirts, maxi dresses (maybe) and of course skinny jeans.


I wore them with this outfit. Obviously, I was really feeling myself.

Don’t you just love bathroom pics?!

I felt so pretty and summery the whole day! Anywho, when NOLA and I met for dinner for the El Fenix Wednesday special (salad for me), he gave me the side-eye and of course some unwanted commentary.

“Victoria, you know you are too clumsy for shoes that high. Why did you even buy them?” he said with a disappointing look.

Oh, how right he was! LOL

After a lovely (and healthy) dinner at El Fenix, we carried on to Paciugo in West Village. Walking through the parking, and the expected happened.


I bit it HARD on the concrete. I looked around slightly to make sure no one saw. Thank God no one did besides the Boy. I stood and immediately checked…my MK rose gold watch of course to make sure it wasn’t scratched. HA! After I stopped laughing, I picked myself up (and my pride) and stood up to a confused NOLA. He looked across the parking lot to see if I had stumbled on a speed bump. I didn’t. He looked closer for some dips or cracks in the pavement. There wasn’t.

Oh, how silly I felt. Oh, how embarrassed I was.

I laugh when I think about it. I see the little scratch on my knee, and I still laugh. Why? Because you just got to laugh at those silly moment’s in life and embrace them for what they are. I’ve had a stressful and challenging last couple of weeks at work. With one of my teammates leaving to take another position, it is only going to get busier. I needed a moment like that.  A moment to remember that I am human and flawed. A moment to just not take life so seriously.

Hmmm….more confirmation of why I started this blog—to savor the sweet and salty/clumsy moments of my life.

To ignore them would be unwise and well, just boring.

Plus, these shoes are calling my name too. They will join their friends in my closet very soon.

Is there anything better than a nude sandal?

I fully intend to share my family’s trip to San Antonio, my first visit to Title Boxing Club and a few other things this week. I spent two hours at the gym today, plus did a load of laundry. Can we say exahusted? Nitey night.


Vicky D

P.S. I did not spend $100+ on those shoes. DSW is my friend. 🙂


Friends & Melons

Goooood Morning Everyone!!

How is YOUR week going so far? It is only Wednesday, but I am super stoked because I have a 4-day work week!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!! My family and I are going out of town early Friday morning to San Antonio for my mom’s birthday! OLE!

As USUAL, I started working on this post last week. Every time, I would type one word during a “break”, something would pop up for me to do. It’s okay though. I would rather be busy than bored.

Anywho, last week had a bitter-sweet moment…I said “See You Later and Good Luck” to my friend with my friend Ashley! She moved to Houston this past weekend Houston to teach 2nd grade!! We’ve only been friends for a little more than a year, so I was so sad to see her leave. BUT, I through aside my selfish desires and realized this is truly an amazing opportunity for her!  

It’s kind of a funny story how Ashley and I met. I wasn’t going to say at first, but I’m all about being transparent. My mom and I actually introduced us. Is that weird?? Oh yeah, i thought it was SOOOOO weird at first! I was really embarrased, but I’m glad my mom did because Ashley is such a great person!! She came to my graduation party last year and we have been great friends ever since!

My MBA Graduation Party! Ignore my nasty hair! LOL

I could no longer avoid her leaving me. We met up for dinner at Malai in West Village! I had been there before, but she hadn’t. We started off our evening with the Ma’Lai sampler. YUM!! It came with chicken and beef satay, imperial rolls, spring rolls, Vietnamese meatballs and four really interesting sauces. My fave were the meatballs and the spring rolls, which was convenient because she isn’t a fan of meatballs…at all! Something about the texture doesn’t sit well with her. 

Ma’Lai Sampler

Can’t lie…I might have had two one Mango Mojito too! I didn’t photograph them, I mean “it”, because I was so ashamed. I just couldn’t help myself though. There were only $5. I washed down my guilt. I was a little perturbed at the bartender/waitress because my drank was definitely NOT topped off. I don’t care if I AM paying only 5 bucks for a drink, I would like ALL of it please. 🙂

The main entree was refreshing and light. I had the Vermicelli Salad with Grilled Hanger Salad. When I eat salads for dinner, I tend to always pair it with some BIG meat; otherwise, I will wake up the next morning hungry and angry at the world.

Vermicelli Salad

After dinner, we walked over to LOFT to check out the sale AND not buy the entire store. I succeeded.

Paciugo was calling my name! (yes, yes, yet another things that’s not a part of my challenge, BUT this was a special occasion). So we walked on over to the establishment for some delicious gelato and people watching.

Pretty Friend!

 SIDENOTE: Have you ever watched the West Villagers/Uptowners in the evening while eating Paciugo?? It’s pretty darn funny! How about these spoons on the light fixtures? Never noticed them until now. HA!


We chatted for another 30 minutes before walking back to our cars and saying our good-byes! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

I treasure Ashley’s friendship dearly. She has such a sweet spirit. We are both very busy people, but we always made time to hang out. We laugh at how we became friends, but at the end of the day, I am so happy my mother intervened (as she always does).

Good Times with a Good Friend!

Friends have been a struggle for me in the past. I find that most people aren’t able to reciprocate my level of friendship. It can be very hurtful. I give and give to friends, and it seems some can’t do the same. I don’t have a lot of friends, but I am so thankful for those individuals who make me a better person.

I’m sad that Ashley won’t live in Dallas anymore, but hey, at least I can take a little vacation and see her.

 “Friends are like melons; shall I tell you why. To find a good one, a hundred you must try.” ~Claude Mermet

Do you have a lot of friends?