August Challenge: Are YOU game??


My brain is currently swimming in my cranium. SQUISH! SQUISH! SQUISH! I had three meetings today work, to which all of them were at least one hour long. One of my colleagues and I were chatting last week (before a two-hour meeting), and we concluded that we spend probably 40% of our day in meetings, 10-20% reading/responding to emails and the rest of the time actually working. (The email percentage was a 15-minute discussion.) The irony is that most of the previously-mentioned emails and meetings usually have more projects for us to do. It is all just a big cycle.  

Anywho…I don’ t have much time, but I for sure wanted to share this before tomorrow. My amazing friend Jourdan issued another challenge for the month of August! You know me. I’m a HUGE overachiever and extremely goal-oriented, so I immediately jumped on this opportunity. I have pretty healthy eating habits, and I know what I am SUPPOSED to eat, but I am no fitness expert. I truly rely on the good ‘ol Internet for workout advice, exercise routines and my new favorite, CHALLENGES!!

Here’s what she’s proposing:

General rules
1. Only weigh yourself on the 1st, 15th, 31st THAT’S IT! No exceptions

2. Take full body pictures front and back every weigh in day.

3. Give it your all & share your progress!

ifeast rules
1. One meatless day once a week

2. Two no carb days a week (carbs like: rice, pasta, bread, oatmeal, etc)

3. Dairy can be consumed at a max of two days in the week (already lactose free, so that’s not hard)


5. No junk food/fast food

6. I’m trying not to eat out more than twice a week

7. Record everything you eat EVERYTHING

8. Limit snacking

ifight rules
1. A total of 650 minutes of cardio for the month (average 30 minutes a day/5 days a week)

2. Total of 25 miles ran in the month

3. Total of 100 miles on the bike in the month

4. Lifting/toning 3-4 days a week.

5. If you have a gym membership, take at least one group fitness class a week!

She also plan on not going shopping for a whole month, which is a GREAT idea, especially considering the fact that I NEED to be saving for a potential trip in November and some decor for my new apt.

All in all, this challenge is COMPLETELY doable. I am super excited because when I do focus on eating clean and working out at least 4 times/week, I ALWAYS feel so much better. I will post before/after photos each time I have a weigh-in. EEEK!! My fingers were shaking as I typed that. What a scary thought?! I’ve referenced her blog before, but definitely check it out for great ideas on workouts and clean eating!

In the meantime…can someone send me a life raft, jacket or row!? hehe!

Vicky D

Do you like workout challenges or do you prefer to create your own goals?

How much time do you spend a day in meetings?


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