Life’s Quirks & Truths

Happy Sunday! I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend. It’s been blistering HOT here in Dallas the last couple of days. We all complain about it, but c’mon people, the heat is a part of the deal.

Once again, more than 60 days have elapsed since my last post, except for the random one I wrote a few days ago. Good Lord, Baby Jesus. This is seriously ridiculous. If I am going to have a blog, than I need to maintain it. If I don’t, than what’s the point. It’s simple as that.

To be completely honest with you, I started this blog when I was in blah moment in my life….just wasn’t very excited about a lot of things. Then, I made a conscientious decision to be grateful for the life I did have and to find the simple things that brought me joy, like food (hmmm…food), family, great friends and living healthy. I purposely made the most of every day, every moment. Life is too precious. Peace is a treasure. Peace is one of the greatest delights in life.

Wise choice Victoria.

Shortly after I had this epiphany, you could say that my main source of frustrationwas resolved. (Praise the Lord!) Yes, I was definitely happier in that area of my life.  However, I was not going to allow it to be the main source of my contentment. Never would it be the reason for my joy. I would continue to pursue happiness in the simplicity of life just as I had before.

The ironic part of this whole story is that exciting events have continued to happen in my life. So many exciting things have been happening in the last couple of months.  So many opportunities have presented themselves.  The Lord has been so good to me. I can’t wait to share them with you this week.

As humans, we are prone to base our mental state on our external environment.  However, it is extremely more complicated to remove ourselves from our current situation. Life is dynamic. Life is a learning experience. Boy, have I learned a lot these last 9 months.

I know that I don’t control anything in my life, the good or the bad. I am fully aware of that fact. It’s taken me a while, but I finally understand this truth. I can’t tell you the freedom I feel now.  I accept life’s little querks and idiosyncracies. I savor the sweet and sour moments. I dwell in the delights.

Now, I would love to stay in chat more, but it has been a long week and even longer weekend. I am exhausted. Time for bed. Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2 on my series “Let’s Not Get Cheesy!”

Nitey Nite,

Vicky D


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