Let’s Not Get Cheesy-Part Deaux

This is part two in my series about one of the BIG reasons why I started this blog. I wrote the first installment a few weeks ago, more like 2 MONTHS AGO.. Then, I got super busy (as usual), and got slightly behind in my project. Now…where was I….

I remember the day so clearly in my mind where everything started to get a little weird. I was at home relaxing during the Thanksgiving holidays in 2009, just trying to unwind from what had been a stressful first semester of full-time classes AND full-time work. Can we talk about my weekly to-do list? It was massive. I decided to pop in a movie around 11 p.m. Confessions of a Shopaholic was my choice that evening.

I started to get a little hungry 30-45 minutes into the movie. Big Surprise! I should have ignored my hunger and just drank some water. I tried to subdue that inner fat girl in me, but she kept showing her ugly head.  Instead, I heated up some buffalo wings, drowned them in ranch and continued with my movie night. Midway through my devouring of the hot wings, I started experiencing some serious pains in my chest.

My heart started racing.

A fever seemed to be spiking.

The room was spinning.

I thought I was having a heart attack.

“Jesus, I guess I’ll be seeing you soon.” I thought to myself.

I ran to the bathroom, hoping that I could “remove” whatever it was that caused me so much pain. It got a little bit better, so I went back to watching my movie.

To tell you the truth, I honestly thought the ironic similarities between myself and the main character in the movie were disturbing me and I just didn’t know it. Perhaps Victoria, (I thought to myself) you subconsciously connected with her addiction to retail therapy and her battle with the lasting effects of plastic. Can we say overanalyzing?? LOL

Or maybe I was subconsciously stressing about my finals that were approaching in a matter of weeks. Three finals and several HUGE projects that was ALL due in the next 3 weeks. Finals, that even after more than 20 years of school, still overwhelmed me. Not to mention, I was helping my mom plan my grandmother’s 70th birthday party. I offered to make her favorite lunch for the event-enchiladas, beans, rice and all the sides. Yes, that’s right, I made ALL that food for like 20 people!

Warming Up Grandma’s Birthday Lunch

Take two deep breaths Victoria. Take to deep breaths. It’s just stress.

No, this can’t be just stress. Something is really wrong with me. It’s just a stomach bug. Yep, it’s 24-hour random stomach virus that will go away. I just need a Sprite. This was the conversation I had with myself as I sat on the couch watching the room spin.

The pain got worse. I refused to call 911 because I worked with firefighters in Duncanville, and I just knew that whatever ailment I suffered from wasn’t enough to get them out of their bed. How thoughtful of me?

I got up and maneuvered calmly, but quickly through my dark house. My eyes were somewhat closed. I went to my mom’s bedroom and told her I was going to just run up to the gas station to pick up a Sprite. At first she just said okay, then she realized what I was really telling her and quickly changed her mind and said, “no, just lay down right here with me.” (I can’t remember where my dad was that night. i guess he was working a double shift. weird.)

So, I did. I continued to take deep breaths. Little by little, the pain in my chest, stomach, abdominal region went away and I drifted off to sleep. I woke up the next morning to find a mess in the guest bathroom where my episode had occurred several hours later. Whoops! I felt much better.

Oh goodie! I guess it was just a short stomach bug. I really didn’t need that Sprite after all.

The truth: lemon-lime soda was never going to fix what was really wrong with me. That episode was just the beginning of nearly a year of chronic pain. Pain that I only experienced when I was eating or right after I finished a meal.

What was happening to me?


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