A Day Challenge, A Life Challenge

Well hello there!!

This is going to be a quick post! I had a second to breath during a busy day, and I wanted to just share something.  A friend of mine from college, Jourdan, recently started a blog called ifeast.ifight.ifinish. She’s only been blogging for about a week or so, but is doing a fantastic job so far, with nearly a dozen post. (I am seriously slacking over here at Vicky D’s Delights.)

Anywho, I like the fact that she is a “real” female who is being transparent about her weight loss and new healthy lifestyle. That’s actually how she branded her blog. So many times, we read about indiviudals who basically have some sort of career (full time or part time) in fitness, which is why they are in such good shape. Nothing against them, but it’s nice to see how people balance the desire to stay fit, workout, maintain weight loss AND have a job/social life/relationship, etc. To see her transformation and realize that she lost it the good ol’ fashioned way is truly inspiring.

In one of her first post, she alluded to eating at Burger King in college at midnight. Ironically, this is where I met Jourdan for I was the one serving those delicious diet busters. (I had to do something to pay for my awesome apartment. Plus, I went to school out of state. lol) She’s a few years behind me in school, and I think we actually graduated from the same college. Jourdan has always been a beautiful person inside and out, but it is great to see people who realize that we only have one body, and we have to take care of it.

Ms. Jourdan is already challenging her readers to engage in a 7-Day Challenge, which started this past Monday. She and I are also Facebook friends, and I can see comments from those who are inspiried by her experience and want to become healtheir too. I have basically been doing this challenge for about three months now, but I engaged in the fun. The hardest part of the challenge…all of those crunches and push-ups! Man, it’s pretty intense, but I am loving the results so far!

By no means am I a fitness/weight loss expert. This is definitely NOT a fitness blog. I write about topics that make me happy and bring me joy. For some strange reason, I have found a new joy in working out and staying healthy. I say “strange” because I’ve only been this way for about 5 years or so. We only get one body. To look back on my life and see just how far I’ve come is just astounding. Makes me wonder if the only challenge that existed all along was me. Hmmmm…there’s some food for thought.

I’m up to the challenge! Are you?


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