Workout Challenge #3–Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred

Happy Friday!

Hooooorrraaayyy!! It’s FINALLY the weekend! It has been another crazy week, not as crazy as last week, but still busy nonetheless.  Still…I just had to write about my 3rd workout challenge—Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. (Note: I didn’t find this one on Pinterest FYI hehe)

Who hasn’t heard of Jillian?!? She is a beast. SHE knows she’s a beast. The woman aided in the transformation of people’s body on the Biggest Loser. I honestly never watch that show, but hey, I’m also not living in a cave. In the Level 1 workout, the first thing she says is “I’m sure you already know who I am…my name is Jillian.” Grant it, her face is on the cover of the DVD, but still, she said it with a tone of arrogance.

I wanted to do the 30 Day shred because it’s short. I needed to get back into my workout slowly since I was still recovering from my running injury. (I have got to write THAT post!) But I HAD to start working out again because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to run again. (more reasons why I have to write THAT post). So, I wanted to do high fat burning workout that was lower impact than say Insanity or P90x.

The Shred consists of three 20-minute workouts—Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3—with each workout getting progressively harder. It is based on the 3-2-1 rule: 3 minutes of strength training with a combination of arms and legs, 2 minutes of cardio and one minute of abs. There are three circuits of the workout. Sound simple right? WRONG!

Sweat was falling from every inch of my body by the end of the first circuit. INTENSE. The funny part…every time I would wonder why she had us doing certain workouts, she would say “now you’re probably wondering why….” Her explanations make sense. The combinations of the arms and legs together would burn more fat.

I popped that video into my player for the first time on February 22nd, but I had some days off since then due to traveling and this horrible viral plague for more than a week. So, it hasn’t been 30 consecutive days. The plan is to do 10 days of level 1, 10 days of 2 and 10 days of 3. I will probably end up doing 60 days of the workout, maybe even more because I just LOVE it! I’m already seeing results! My body is definitely changing, and that’s exciting. I don’t want to lose weight too fast because then it will come back fast. Been there, don’t that.

You can do it!!

“When you get stronger physically, it transcends into every part of your life.” -Jillian Michaels

Short, simple workouts that gets results! Don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself. Here’s the Level One workout! Enjoy!

Sweat is sexy,

Vicky D

QUESTIONS: Do you like workout videos?


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