Workout Challenge #1-Jumping Jacks

Yes, I realize this is not on my list on my accountability list, but I saw this on Pinterest, along with thousands of other interesting items, and I had to share. No pun intended.

If you follow me on twitter, which I hope you do, you’ve probably noticed that I’m on some sort of workout/diet kick lately. It’s not a kick friends…It’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Yep, I said, lifestyle change. I actually really enjoy working out. It’s a great stress reliever. It makes me happy to sweat and then see results. Never thought I would utter those words.

Keeping it 100 with ya’ll. I need help in the workout area. I have discipline. I need structure.  (This could be why I started running. As usual, I digress.) I can go to the gym and work out, but I really don’t know what to do if I want to see results. Not just a smaller pants size, but definition in my arms and legs, a nice toned butt and thighs that don’t alert Dallas Fire Rescue when I walk around the city. 


I had a personal trainer. Love her. She’s a dear friend of mine. But she’s an expense I don’t want to incur right now. What was I going to do??

Thank you Pinterest for having all the answers to my questions.

I present to you, the Jumping Jacks Challenge!

Seems pretty simple right? Anything that seems really easy in workouts usually ends up kicking my booty. Still, I’m not going to discourage myself immediately. Doesn’t hurt to try? What’s the least I could lose? A few, ahem 50-60, pounds hopefully!

Being the overachiever that I am, I will probably try to do the “advanced” challenge. At the point that I near vomit or pass out on the floor, I downgrade to the beginner level. At least I know myself. I’ve already done the first day, wasn’t so bad…nothing ever is.

Stay tuned for all the other workout challenges I’m doing in March and over the next few months. Get excited about getting fit!

Questions: Do you workout often? How do you keep it interesting? Gym? Videos?


4 thoughts on “Workout Challenge #1-Jumping Jacks

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