Let it Go!

Disclaimer: I already told you that my faith is an important part of my life. This is a pretty wholostic post though. Either way, I hope you’re encouraged by it.


I have got to get this blogging thing together. How many times have I said this? I started a post about Random Acts of Kindness Week because I thought it was such a neat concept. Then, I got busy at work, was really tired when I got home and ended up not writing anything. RAOC ended like two weeks ago, so it’s not even relevant anymore. Ugh!

Luckily, I went to church nearly two Sundays ago and learned a really valuable lesson that I HAD to share! The minister preached about Jacob and Essau. Are you familiar with these people? Well basically, they are twins, and the grandchildren of Abraham. Surely, everyone knows who Abraham is right? Maybe not. Anywho, one twin sold his birthright to the other twin for a bowl of soup. (Now, I’ve had some delicious soup before…pretty darn good soup to be honest…but I don’t think any soup is good enough to give up my inheritance.) Moving forward…the title of the sermon was “Look Up,” alluding to the fact that when times get hard, we shouldn’t look within ourselves for the answers, and we sure shouldn’t look to others for confirmation. The answers are always above.  

Another factor that he brought up the importance of letting go of past problems, forgiveness, etc. Whoa! Can we say issues in my face? I have a lot of problems with that exact topic, but it was a rude awakening to forgive and forget. I have to learn to forgive others, so that I can be forgiven.

To symbolize moving on, thousands, I mean literally thousands of balloons were blown up with the word “Let it Go” imprinted on them. Each attendee then wrote down the various problems, people, experiences, etc. they needed to move on from. Even if I don’t receive an official apology, I forgive, so that I can be forgiven.

Then, we all released the balloons. Now, I attend a mega church here in Dallas, so to see all of these balloons released simultaneously was an awe inspiring moment. I don’t know if others felt the different when it was over, but I sure did.

Off Into the Distance

My spirit was released.

I was set free.

Free to move on and embrace the life that God has for me.  Free to take on the past and prepare for the future. Free to enjoy what life has to offer. Free to be me.

It’s an amazing feeling. Have I struggled with thinking about people or situations since my balloon release? Sure I have. I’m human. As quick as I do, I think to myself, what happened to those balloons once I released them?? Exactly! Off into the horizon. I let them go. You should too.

Vicky D


 I realize I’ve only posted one photo of food on this entire blog, but I’ll try to explain why in my next post.


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