Workout Challenge #3–Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred

Happy Friday!

Hooooorrraaayyy!! It’s FINALLY the weekend! It has been another crazy week, not as crazy as last week, but still busy nonetheless.  Still…I just had to write about my 3rd workout challenge—Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. (Note: I didn’t find this one on Pinterest FYI hehe)

Who hasn’t heard of Jillian?!? She is a beast. SHE knows she’s a beast. The woman aided in the transformation of people’s body on the Biggest Loser. I honestly never watch that show, but hey, I’m also not living in a cave. In the Level 1 workout, the first thing she says is “I’m sure you already know who I am…my name is Jillian.” Grant it, her face is on the cover of the DVD, but still, she said it with a tone of arrogance.

I wanted to do the 30 Day shred because it’s short. I needed to get back into my workout slowly since I was still recovering from my running injury. (I have got to write THAT post!) But I HAD to start working out again because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to run again. (more reasons why I have to write THAT post). So, I wanted to do high fat burning workout that was lower impact than say Insanity or P90x.

The Shred consists of three 20-minute workouts—Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3—with each workout getting progressively harder. It is based on the 3-2-1 rule: 3 minutes of strength training with a combination of arms and legs, 2 minutes of cardio and one minute of abs. There are three circuits of the workout. Sound simple right? WRONG!

Sweat was falling from every inch of my body by the end of the first circuit. INTENSE. The funny part…every time I would wonder why she had us doing certain workouts, she would say “now you’re probably wondering why….” Her explanations make sense. The combinations of the arms and legs together would burn more fat.

I popped that video into my player for the first time on February 22nd, but I had some days off since then due to traveling and this horrible viral plague for more than a week. So, it hasn’t been 30 consecutive days. The plan is to do 10 days of level 1, 10 days of 2 and 10 days of 3. I will probably end up doing 60 days of the workout, maybe even more because I just LOVE it! I’m already seeing results! My body is definitely changing, and that’s exciting. I don’t want to lose weight too fast because then it will come back fast. Been there, don’t that.

You can do it!!

“When you get stronger physically, it transcends into every part of your life.” -Jillian Michaels

Short, simple workouts that gets results! Don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself. Here’s the Level One workout! Enjoy!

Sweat is sexy,

Vicky D

QUESTIONS: Do you like workout videos?


Workout Challenge #2-Mad Abs March

Happy Friday!! Boy, I am so happy to see this day. It has been a crazy, stressful, but exciting week at work. I am exhausted. We hosted a luncheon on Tuesday at the new Omni Dallas Hotel for around 700 people. (Gorgeous hotel by the way. Stay there if you ever get the chance.)

These were not just your typical guests. Some of city’s most wealthiest and influential residents attended this function. Most of them belong to my grandparent’s generation, but still, what an honor to meet and rub shoulders with them. They have contributed millions of dollars to Dallas, helping it evolve and transforming the city into a hub of economic and urban development. I hope the next generations, especially my somewhat self entitled colleagues of the “me” Generation” continue the commitment to the community.

Moving on…it’s time for my next workout challenge. I saw this on, you guessed it, Pinterest. (Do you not absolutely love it?!? I think everyone is obsessed. Those who aren’t obsessed are simply denying themselves of happiness and are probably more productive.) I digress…

Like most of the female species, I hate, loathe, and absolutely abhor my abdominal region. It is disgusting. It is fluffy. Gross. It really isn’t that bad. I’m slightly dramatic, but I really want to tone it up and lose the potential muffin top. This should solve that problem…. 

Doesn’t seem too bad does it?! I was kind of surprised to see a pushup on an ab challenge. Alas, it is indeed a core strengthener. Trust me. So far, it’s going very well. The hardest of the three, for me at least, is those darn side planks. Phew, they are kicking my butt or rather my abs.

Each time I want to give up, I just think that swimsuit season is just around the corner. That startling realization makes me want to do an extra couple seconds of side planks and 10 more crunches. Nothing seems bad after just one day. The consecutive nature of these challenges  makes it extremely difficult. In the words of Jillian Michaels, it’s when you start to feel that knot in your stomach that you are really getting results.

Not sure I’ll ever be able to get abs like that, but hey, there’s some motivation for me at least!

QUESTION: What is your favorite part of your body?

Workout Challenge #1-Jumping Jacks

Yes, I realize this is not on my list on my accountability list, but I saw this on Pinterest, along with thousands of other interesting items, and I had to share. No pun intended.

If you follow me on twitter, which I hope you do, you’ve probably noticed that I’m on some sort of workout/diet kick lately. It’s not a kick friends…It’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! Yep, I said, lifestyle change. I actually really enjoy working out. It’s a great stress reliever. It makes me happy to sweat and then see results. Never thought I would utter those words.

Keeping it 100 with ya’ll. I need help in the workout area. I have discipline. I need structure.  (This could be why I started running. As usual, I digress.) I can go to the gym and work out, but I really don’t know what to do if I want to see results. Not just a smaller pants size, but definition in my arms and legs, a nice toned butt and thighs that don’t alert Dallas Fire Rescue when I walk around the city. 


I had a personal trainer. Love her. She’s a dear friend of mine. But she’s an expense I don’t want to incur right now. What was I going to do??

Thank you Pinterest for having all the answers to my questions.

I present to you, the Jumping Jacks Challenge!

Seems pretty simple right? Anything that seems really easy in workouts usually ends up kicking my booty. Still, I’m not going to discourage myself immediately. Doesn’t hurt to try? What’s the least I could lose? A few, ahem 50-60, pounds hopefully!

Being the overachiever that I am, I will probably try to do the “advanced” challenge. At the point that I near vomit or pass out on the floor, I downgrade to the beginner level. At least I know myself. I’ve already done the first day, wasn’t so bad…nothing ever is.

Stay tuned for all the other workout challenges I’m doing in March and over the next few months. Get excited about getting fit!

Questions: Do you workout often? How do you keep it interesting? Gym? Videos?

Let it Go!

Disclaimer: I already told you that my faith is an important part of my life. This is a pretty wholostic post though. Either way, I hope you’re encouraged by it.


I have got to get this blogging thing together. How many times have I said this? I started a post about Random Acts of Kindness Week because I thought it was such a neat concept. Then, I got busy at work, was really tired when I got home and ended up not writing anything. RAOC ended like two weeks ago, so it’s not even relevant anymore. Ugh!

Luckily, I went to church nearly two Sundays ago and learned a really valuable lesson that I HAD to share! The minister preached about Jacob and Essau. Are you familiar with these people? Well basically, they are twins, and the grandchildren of Abraham. Surely, everyone knows who Abraham is right? Maybe not. Anywho, one twin sold his birthright to the other twin for a bowl of soup. (Now, I’ve had some delicious soup before…pretty darn good soup to be honest…but I don’t think any soup is good enough to give up my inheritance.) Moving forward…the title of the sermon was “Look Up,” alluding to the fact that when times get hard, we shouldn’t look within ourselves for the answers, and we sure shouldn’t look to others for confirmation. The answers are always above.  

Another factor that he brought up the importance of letting go of past problems, forgiveness, etc. Whoa! Can we say issues in my face? I have a lot of problems with that exact topic, but it was a rude awakening to forgive and forget. I have to learn to forgive others, so that I can be forgiven.

To symbolize moving on, thousands, I mean literally thousands of balloons were blown up with the word “Let it Go” imprinted on them. Each attendee then wrote down the various problems, people, experiences, etc. they needed to move on from. Even if I don’t receive an official apology, I forgive, so that I can be forgiven.

Then, we all released the balloons. Now, I attend a mega church here in Dallas, so to see all of these balloons released simultaneously was an awe inspiring moment. I don’t know if others felt the different when it was over, but I sure did.

Off Into the Distance

My spirit was released.

I was set free.

Free to move on and embrace the life that God has for me.  Free to take on the past and prepare for the future. Free to enjoy what life has to offer. Free to be me.

It’s an amazing feeling. Have I struggled with thinking about people or situations since my balloon release? Sure I have. I’m human. As quick as I do, I think to myself, what happened to those balloons once I released them?? Exactly! Off into the horizon. I let them go. You should too.

Vicky D


 I realize I’ve only posted one photo of food on this entire blog, but I’ll try to explain why in my next post.