The End to Procrastination…No Turning Back

Well, I finally did it. I stopped procrastinating (garnered up enough courage) and finally started my blog. I have been talking about doing this for years now because I absolutely love to cook and wanted to start a food blog. I found one reason after another as to why I couldn’t write it. Time being the primary excuse. All of a sudden, there was an abundance of time and still no blog.  That was even more of a reason to start writing. I had too much inside of me. I needed to get it out.        

My friends all know that I tend to be a bit wordy. Now, I’m wondering if all this time, I’ve just been talking around in circles avoiding life’s issues and challenges or maybe I’m just working it out. Either way, it’s time to get real with myself.  I was honestly clueless to the blog community until one of my best friends started hers more than 2 years ago. I read it religiously every day and was just amazed at how she could be so open about her life to people she honestly had never met. Then I realized there were thousands of bloggers all around the world who were doing the exact same thing. They all had different topics, messages, ideals, life experiences, etc. to share. I have something to share too. The same best friend kept asking me when I would start my blog. I had a date and it was perfect (more on that later), but I put it off even more. I was afraid to open up. I wasn’t fearful of what the blog community, and for that matter, the world would think.  I was more afraid of what I may discover about myself. Ok, maybe I was a little bit afraid of what you all would think. C’mon Victoria, let’s not start deceiving yourself in the first post. defeats the purpose.

There’s no turning back now. So here it goes-Vicky D’s Delights-I’ll explain the title in a future posts too.  One of my favorite ingredients to cook with is the shallot. I absolutely love it! I would say I’m sorta like a shallot. People really don’t get me at first. (Do you cook with shallots often or even know what it is?) I’m hard to figure out. I have a tough skin to break away. I have a few layers of complexity. But deep down, I’m really sweet, and I’m trying my best to add a little bit joy and delight to life’s recipes!! So let’s go to the kitchen and start living!


Vicky D


6 thoughts on “The End to Procrastination…No Turning Back

  1. Sounds like this is going to be a cooking storm! Excited to hear about your kitchen adventures. Congratulations on getting started with your blog.

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